And yes, you expect a bridal appointment to feature a glass of something fizzy, an attentive shop assistant and a calm shop - but I’d argue that a £5 glass of Prosecco is pretty deserved considering you might be spending thousands of pounds on a dress. Whether you do or not in the end, is surely besides the point. Not all boutiques DO charge, so there is hope out there if you're willing to hunt it out. David's Bridal , a bridal chain with shops all over the country has decided to ชุดคอสเพลย์ คนอ้วน buck the trend: "We do not charge for bridal appointments", a spokesperson told us. "Every bride is offered an hour long appointment free of charge, and is welcome to return to the store as often as she chooses. "We don’t see it as a luxury or an extra that should be paid for, rather an integral part in making sure every bride feels like she’s getting the attention and guidance she deserves while finding the dress of her dreams." Right now my frugal side is struggling with my internal fashionista who wants access to the luxury labels and sadly, I know which one will win. And that's what angers me so much. The industry is taking advantage of brides who place a lot of importance in their wedding dresses, as they know that when it comes to it, we will just pay up. Peta recognises that the system is anything but perfect. "We have to remember that bridal boutique owners are trying to run businesses and most want to offer the best possible service they can", she says.

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