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Yet before she even said I do, the royal had plenty of practice walking down the aisle. Videohas surfaced of the duchessand her younger sister, Pippa, as bridesmaids for her uncle Gary Goldsmiths 1991 wedding , with the elder sister already perfecting a royal wave. The video footage, acquired by SWNS andpublished Sunday morning, shows the Middleton girls in matching pink bridesmaids dresses, each with a crown of flowers in their hair. While Kate, who was just 9in the clip, seemed to be into the festivities, Pippa, then 7, appeared to be a little less enthused. Pippa looked to be uncomfortable at points and moved her floral headdress around several times. Pippa, second from left, with sister Kate, to her right, as bridesmaids in 1991. (Photo: SWNS) More James, the younger brother of the two sisters, was also in tow and looking quite dapper in a tux and top coat combo that matched those of the men of the bridal party. The wedding took place at St. Peters Church in Burnham, Buckinghamshire. Goldsmith, who has been married several times since, married his first wife Miranda Foote that year. The union lasted just 18 months. Goldsmith is now with his fourth wife, Julie-Ann, this after he took on a bad-boy image and became something of a black sheep for the Middleton clan .

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