When.i­ol­ent.r property crimes rise sharply in lad patrolled neigh­bor­hoods, the system de­liv­ers a crime alert. Senior officials who promoted the four programs defend their actions as having helped to create a new missile defence “architecture.” Add your thoughts about any Tweet with a Reply. After a seven-year hiatus from the medium, the firm reactivated Times-Mirror Broadcasting Company with its 1970 purchase of the Dallas Times Herald and its radio and television stations, KRLD-AM - FM ITV in Dallas . 74 The Federal Communications Commission granted an exemption of its cross-ownership policy and allowed Times-Mirror to retain the newspaper and the television outlet, which was renamed KDFW-TV . The Times's loss of circulation was the largest of the top ten newspapers in the U.S. 32 Despite the circulation decline, many in the media industry lauded the newspaper's effort to decrease its reliance on “other-paid” circulation in favour of building its “individually paid” circulation base — which showed a marginal increase in a circulation audit. Eventually the coupon-clipping branches realized that they could make more money investing in something other than newspapers. Take The Quiz › Quiz: Archie Bunker Cs. The radar’s performance in those exercises has fallen short.

The sultanate of Oman, on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, previously accepted 10 Guantanamo prisoners from Yemen in January 2016. Oman also took another six in June 2015. Meanwhile, Oman's neighbor Saudi Arabia took four prisoners on Jan. 5 and the United Arab Emirates took 15 prisoners in the largest-single transfer during Obama's administration on Aug. 15. Oman, ruled by Sultan Qaboos bin Said since 1970, has served as an interlocutor between the West and Iran. It also has negotiated a number of prisoner releases in recent years for Western countries. Yemen, the Arab world's poorest country, remains in the grips of a civil war and a Saudi-led military offensive against the rebels making returning Guantanamo inmates there impossible. Days earlier, authorities said 19 of the remaining 55 prisoners at the U.S.

Critics have said increased deportations could split up families. Jorge-Mario Cabrera, spokesman for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, said the group is putting the Trump administration on notice "that we're not going to sit idly by while he destroys our community." ___ 1:55 p.m. More than 1,000 people poured into a teachers' union hall in Chicago to support immigrant rights and implore each other to fight for those rights against what they fear will be a hostile Trump administration. The Saturday rally attracted leaders from various religious faiths, ethnic groups and human rights organizations. Many told the audience to fight deportations, a Muslim registry and other efforts they believe President-elect Donald Trump will lead. People told of fearing deportation. Some expressed worries that the Trump administration will prevent relatives some in some of the most dangerous corners of the world from joining them in the United States. Thirty-one-year-old Rehab Alkadi says she fears what might happen to her and her family members who fled war-torn Syria because Trump has "said a lot of bad things about Muslim people." ___ 1 p.m. A standing-room-only crowd has packed a historic African-American church in Washington for one of dozens of rallies around the nation supporting immigrant rights.

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obeying.II,.hown in 2007, championed troubled projects as director of the Missile defence Agency. obeying, in an interview, said his remarks to Congress were intended not to mislead but rather to provide “a good layman’s view of the range of the radar.” A panel of the Pentagon’s defence Science Board, after a two-year review, reached a similar conclusion in 2011: “The importance of achieving reliable mid course discrimination cannot be overemphasized.” A Boeing spokesman said that PBX has “sufficient capability to execute its role with speed, precision and accuracy.” PBX met standards for commercial ships — but agency officials had failed to take into account the Coast Guard’s stricter standards for vessels destined for the kind of hazardous conditions found in the Aleutian. In addition it verifies the statistics with a profusion of illustration. . . . it is a remarkable combination of guidebook and travel magazine. 62 In 1948 the Midwinter Edition, as it was then called, had grown to “7 big picture magazines in beautiful rotogravure reproduction.” 63 The last mention of the Midwinter Edition was in a Times advertisement on January 10, 1954. 64 Between 1891 and 1895, the Times also issued a similar Midsummer Number, the first one with the theme “The Land and Its Fruits”. 65 Because of its issue date in September, the edition was in 1891 called the Midsummer Harvest Number. 66 Zoned editions and subsidiaries edit Main article: Laos Angeles Times suburban sections In the 1990s, the Times published various editions catering to far-flung areas.