But it may have been unwise for the Foreign Office to suggest sanctions were an ambition when key G7 nations clearly didn't agree. Boris Johnson: His rise, fall, rise, fall and rise At the weekend, I was told by Team Boris that he was very relaxed about the sniping and criticism being lobbed his way in recent days. And Mr Johnson has provoked quite a lot since he became foreign secretary, largely because of his use of decidedly undiplomatic language. He was taken to task by a Swedish MEP in February for calling Brexit a "liberation". A month before that, Mr Johnson warned the French president not to respond to Brexit by administering "punishment beatings" in the manner of a World War Two film. Guy Verhofstadt, who speaks for the European Parliament on Brexit, branded the remarks "abhorrent and deeply unhelpful". It was several days after President Trump's election that Boris Johnson said it was time for Mr Trump's critics to get over their "whinge-o-rama" - a comment I know left some officials in Brussels agog. Mr Johnson is always keen to speak with the swashbuckling pluck of the newspaper columnist he once was. His many fans in the Tory party might love it. But even Mrs May has hinted at exasperation. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionTheresa May jokes about Boris Johnson the FFS At the Conservative Party conference last autumn, the prime minister said: "Do we have a plan for Brexit?

you give them that traditional jazz, the satisfaction never (finishes)," said Melaku Belay, owner of Fendika, a club where crowds gather for Friday night showcases of traditional music by the dozens of ethnic groups in the country. Ethiopia's music scene was not always so free. During the 14-year communist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam, jazz was suppressed and many musicians fled the country. Though the musical culture has experienced a rebirth in the years since Mengistu's 1991 ouster, rock music has not developed much of a following in Ethiopia, said Dibekulu Tafesse, another of Jano's vocalists. "At first, we were afraid to introduce it," he said. "Some people are so confused. At the same time, it's not our culture." Jano was assembled in 2011 by Addis Gessesse, a band manager and concert promoter, who has since cut ties with the group. The band's sound drifted away from the reggae, jazz and pop that dominate Ethiopia's music scene as it took on new members. "When we first came together, we didn't have the plan to create a rock band. Everybody has their own inspiration," said Dibekulu.

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