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"When there is a shortage of offers the Salafists try to fill the gap." "PURE ISLAMIC TEACHINGS" In Cologne, Salam said that 75 Syrians live in the same hotel as his family. Of them, only one veiled woman prays ไทยรัฐ 22 กรกฎาคม 2559 at the nearest Arabic mosque. "One time when I was there, a Salafist asked a young Arab man to leave because he was wearing shorts," he added. "At the Turkish mosque no one cares what you're wearing." In a windowless ground floor room inside the Arabic mosque one Friday in August, some 200 men, including about two dozen with bushy beards and trimmed moustaches typical of ultra-Orthodox Muslims, crowded for prayers. Afterwards, a worshipper scolded three Lebanese men for saluting him when he entered the mosque. They had interrupted the sermon, which he said was forbidden. "Your Friday is gone!" he told them, lifting his hands toward his face and pressing his fingers together to emphasize that their actions had made their prayers void. The imam who led the prayers said the community is not political or violent. Asked about the Syrians who felt uncomfortable at mosques like his, he said: "It's an honor to be called a ข่าวสด เดลินิวส์ 26 กรกฎาคม 2559 Salafist. We are only interested in giving members of our community pure Islamic teachings." Even though Salam can't understand the sermons in Turkish, he said he has started going to a Turkish mosque instead. "BRAINWASHED" A 2008 survey of Muslims and Christians in Europe by the state-funded WZB Berlin Social Science Centre found fundamentalist attitudes were less prevalent among German Muslims than elsewhere in Europe, but still quite widespread: For example, nearly half the Muslims it surveyed in Germany felt religious law to be more important than secular law.

So, Savannah pitched the idea of the all-female ride share service to her father, William Jordan, an Orange County investment expert. Over the summer, See Jane Go launched in Orange County. Riders use a smart phone app to locate a driver, similar to Uber or Lyft services. So, it's not just getting from point A to point B, but it's like doing it with a girlfriend instead of an unknown, random person, said William Jordan. The company is already recruiting drivers in the San Diego area. They all get background checks and vehicle inspections in advance. Single mother Breanne Morrow drives for See Jane Go during the day, while her kids are at school. It's a really good option for me. I love being part of something that empowers women to get out there and earn extra income and also be able to ride in comfort and safety, Morrow said. Male passengers are allowed to ride with See Jane Go, as long as they are with a woman who can vouch for them.

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