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TechRepublic's contributing writer Moira Alexander detailed , "managing remote teams can create issues with communication, collaboration, and productivity, file sharing, document management, privacy and security, existing infrastructure." Here are the top 5 problems of WFH and some ideas on how to solve them: Being at home has its own distractions. While the office has the sound of keyboard clicking, phones ringing, and coworkers talking, your house brings in a whole new set of temptations. "Distractions like household chores, kids, and easy access to a TV can prevent at-home workers from accomplishing as much as they want or need to," TechRepublic's Olivia Krauth explained . Especially if you work in or near your bedroom, the three o'clock slump could make a nap feel just in reach. A solid option for staying motivated is rewarding yourself. Break up your work into intervals: Do consistent work for an hour, then take 10 minutes to relax. Whether it's walking outside, treating yourself to an oreo in the pantry, turning on the news, reward your work with a small break. Then wash, rinse, repeat. When you worked in the office, home was where you retreated to when the day was over. Now that you are working remotely, the office and your house morph into one. Not only do you lose your happy place, you also have to deal with the distractions that come with that.

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Working at 94 “That is a lesson that I carry through with me today in everything I do,” Miller said. When he had returned from the service he took advantage of the education program offered to service men and women and spent three years working toward his architect’s degree. Although he never finished his degree his education was key in his helping design and build homes with his father. “I went into carpentry with my dad,” Miller said, “and he would teach me the basics of carpentry. He also taught me how to build.” His dad ran Long-Bell lumber yards in Norman and Oklahoma City.  “Back then you would buy your wood and the lumber company would come out and build your house for you,” Miller said. Don said his father sent him to Cushing to learn how to keep the books for the business. “I worked in wholesale with my dad and I moved to Wichita, Kan., where I was put in charge of Long-Bell when their name was changed to International Paper Wholesale Co.” From there he went to Webbers Falls in the eastern part of Oklahoma where he closed that yard. His next move was to the ธุรกิจขายตรง biggest lumber yard in Oklahoma on N.W. 23rd Street and Broadway in Oklahoma City. Although he retired originally at 55, he went into business for himself with as a Building Material Distributor in Kansas.

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CT June 10, 2018 Starbucks stores around the country shut down for a day of anti-bias training, and these customers weren't bothered a bit. USA TODAY Editor's note: Corporate communications officials with Home Depot released a statement Sunday that included new information about the incident. The story below has been updated with that information. Additionally, Emilio Elizondo is an assistant manager at the Home Depot on Port Avenue. An earlier version of the story misstated his title. A South Texas woman's Facebook post about what she called a racist incident at a Home Depot has gone viral. On June 3, Christina Borden posted an out-of-focus photo of an employee working at Home Depot on Port Avenue in Corpus Christi along with her story of an experience her mother's boyfriend had at the store. The post has been shared more than 550 times and has more than 300 comments. Borden states that when the Hispanic veteran attempted to return an item at the store, a woman, who was also identified as Hispanic by a public relations official for Home Depot, asked him for "his Mexico ID." The man left the store to retrieve his identification and told Borden's mother what happened. More: South Texas mayor sends letter backing college student who caught racist tirade on video The couple returned to the store and confronted a manager. "The manager pulled the cashier to the side along with them and she admitted that she said that to him and the manager made her apologize to him," Borden wrote to the Caller-Times through Facebook messenger.

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