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More than $5bn (4bn) of private investment was ploughed into the sector in 2015, according to global consultancy PwC. Amazon recently announced it would invest an additional $3bn in India, on top of the $2bn it announced in 2014. While online retailing is only a part of e-commerce, it is the area that many see as the one with the biggest growth potential. Those retailers servicing millions of consumers will need to keep their goods in warehouses, and those warehouses need to be efficient. That's where GreyOrange has positioned itself. In India, GreyOrange says it has 90% of the warehouse automation ขาย กระเป๋าแบรนด์เนม ราคาถูก market and it has worked with leading e-commerce and logistics firms in the country. They also run eight offices in five countries about his and employ more than 650 people. Butler does it Image caption GreyOrange claims AI robot Butler can make a warehouse up to five times more efficient "Warehouses are everywhere and they are supposed to become more and more intelligent as consumer demand increases.'' says Mr Kohli. GreyOrange has two different robots to help warehouses become more productive. Butler, an artificial intelligence-powered robotic system, helps pick products from shelves in the warehouse.