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"If airlines can't stop the passenger from going to Amazon or zoning out on Netflix for three hours... and they can't offer something at least equally interesting in terms of intuitive retail and custom content, they are missing a number of tricks" says Maryann Simson of Runway Girl Network , a leading aviation news website focusing on passenger experience. It's a theory that'll get put to the test soon. Aeromexico recently announced it would use Gogo's affordable flights to mexico city from vancouver 2Ku satellite-based Internet connection to offer Netflix-enabled flights. "More than 80% of passengers are walking on the plane with their own device," Gogo exec Ash ElDifrawi points out. "Airlines can save the weight and maintenance costs of legacy seat-back entertainment systems and still provide differentiated experiences. "For example, they can now create custom portals that create a unique brand and advertising opportunity for the airlines." Internet connections are only the beginning. Both Transavia, a low cost subsidiary of Air France/KLM, and Australian carrier Qantas have been testing virtual reality technology as an alternative to traditional in flight entertainment. VR could offer not only entertainment but also help calm those afraid of flying. Transavia also sees virtual reality sets as a potential source of extra cash, perhaps offered as a premium service.

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But she also said it would be possible for Scotland to remain in the free trade bloc even if the rest of the UK left. The UK government said it was committed to involving each of the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but that a special deal for Scotland was unrealistic. Image caption Keith Brown: "It is completely untenable that the UK government are unable to give even an indicative position on whether it supports remaining in the single market" Mr Brown said a different deal north of the border should be considered because life outside the single market could cost Scotland 80,000 jobs over 10 years. The minister explained: "Independent research has estimated the cost of leaving the single market at more than 11bn annually which could mean Scotland's public services revenues would be 3.7bn per year lower than they are now. "The EU is also the main destination market for Scotland's international exports, accounting for 42% of trade in 2014. "Losing membership of the world's largest single market would mean forfeiting the right to buy goods and services from other parts of this union free from import taxes and would also seriously impact on the ability of Scottish companies to export to other EU member nations. "More than six months on from the EU referendum, it is completely untenable that the UK government are unable to give even an indicative position on whether it supports remaining in the single market." What is the EU's single market? In the cheap flights to las vegas early 1990s the European common market grew into the single market we know today. At its heart is a free trade area, which is a market where there are no tariffs or taxes on trade between countries. While its members can trade freely with each other, they also impose common tariffs on imports from non-EU countries. Being a member of the single market means a country gets the benefit of any trade deal struck between the EU and other countries - the flip side is that member states cannot set their own tariffs.

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