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"If we determine that recoupment was unjustified, there will be a process that allows the recovery of that and the reversal of that money," Levine said. Levine said they are looking to set up "a one-stop place" for those affected to get a hearing and review, noting that the goal is to eliminate "a bunch of sequential processes." The details of that process have yet to be determined, he said. Among about 14,000 California Guard members whose bonuses and other incentive payments were reviewed, about 3,000 of those are men and women have since left the National Guard, Levine said. They will be eligible for repayment as well, but it hasn't been determined how those cases will be handled since they do not have current addresses or contact details for many of those individuals, he added. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain said the move by the Defense Department is "a long-overdue first step," and he vowed to work with Senate colleagues "to explore all options available to hold those responsible for this unacceptable situation accountable and to ensure this never happens again." Rep. Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, called the measure "a weak and ham-handed attempt to shift the focus away from the Obama administration's shameful treatment of service members and veterans." "Carter seems to have no plan to make those who've already been forced to pay back their bonuses whole, and by focusing only on the California Guard, he is ignoring what media reports indicate could be a national problem," Miller said. The Los Angeles Times reported over the weekend that the Pentagon demanded that thousands of soldiers ขอนแก่นโฮเต็ล ระดับ 4 ดาว repay their enlistment bonuses after audits revealed overpayments by the California National Guard. Recruiters under pressure to fill ranks and hit enlistment goals at the height of the two wars improperly offered bonuses of $15,000 or more to soldiers who re-enlisted. If soldiers refuse to pay the bonus back, they could face interest charges, wage garnishments and tax liens. "While some soldiers knew or should have known they were ineligible for benefits they were claiming, many others did not," Carter said, adding that the new process will put "as little burden as possible on any soldier who received an improper payment through no fault of his or her own. At the same time, วัดจันทร์ เชียงใหม่ check this out pantip it will respect our important ป่าสนวัดจันทร์ หน้าฝน obligation to the taxpayer." But the country's largest combat veteran's organization, said the measure "doesn't go deep enough." Brian Duffy, national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and its Auxiliary, said the erroneous bonuses were "the fault of a system, not of any recipient." As many as 6,500 California National Guard soldiers have been asked to repay the enlistment bonuses.

The color stands out so much, said Ms. Bliss, you dont even notice the simplicity of the space. ENLARGE Jnane Marrakech Drape an Escape Engineering a romantic retreat neednt be labor intensive. Meryanne Loum-Martin, owner and decorator of Jnane Tamsna, also in Marrakesh, draped a suzani tapestry, suspended via ceiling-mounted rods, to transform a sleeping corner into a canopy-draped sanctuary. If you only have a mattress and frame, said Ms. Bliss, you can easily make your bedroom more glamorous without having to invest in a [headboard]. Or a minibar. ENLARGE La Mamounia Get More From the Door At La Mamounia, in Marrakesh, rather more than a boutique hotel, French designer Jacques Garcia sweetened a suite by opting for a set of carved, painted Moroccan double doors instead of a conventional single panel. Theres much more flair with two, said Ms. Bliss, who plans to cop the move by stenciling or wallpapering the inset panels in a set of doors she has at home. ENLARGE No.131 Pull Up a (Plush) Chair At the cozy No.

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