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You are 29 years and the minor is only 13 years old doing Form One. How dare can you be so inconsiderate, irresponsible and unreasonable in this manner? You deserve a deterrent sentence," said Mr Madhibha. In mitigation, Chirima said he was not aware that the girl was under-age when the two fell in love and had promised to marry her after she completed school. He said he had already started paying her school fees. "Your honour, I was not aware that the girl was under-age. I had already offered to marry her after she completes her school and I am already paying her school fees," said Chirima. Prosecuting, Mr Costa Sesenyani said early this month, the girl from Nemamwa Growth Point under Chief Shumba area was attending a prayer session when a look at this web-site prophet asked her whether she was a virgin. The court heard that the girl revealed that she had been "deflowered" by her boyfriend, a soldier stationed at 4.1 Infantry Brigade in Masvingo. She said she had slept with the soldier on several times between January and May this year.

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